Payment Wristband

The SCOne payment wristband is an innovative payment solution with SCOne operating system inside. Convenience and security as you are wearing the latest stylish must-have fashion accessory!

SCOne Wristbands

The payment ring is an innovative payment solution in a jewel with the capabilities of a contactless payment card.

Using a payment ring to pay for products and services is faster and more convenient! To make a payment, just place it in parallel with the reading area of the contactless terminal.

Key benefits

  • Always on your hand
  • Natural for most people
  • Convenient to use
  • No battery
  • Low cost or luxury design
  • Jewel and expression of individuality
  • Water and temperature resistant


  • Certified payment applications VISA and Masterсard
  • The same functionality as in a standard banking card
  • Contactless payments and digital services integrated in one payment device
  • Universal solution for different applications: payments, loyalty, transport, access control etc.

SCOne payment wearables use cases

» Events

SCOne payment wearables will help you to deploy a cashless payment environment at your event and open a world of possibilities to your visitors.

Advantages of SCOne payment wearables for visitors:

  • No need to carry a wallet when making their way through the crowd
  • Smart SCOne payment wearables go one step further and can combine payment with other features such as fast-track access, loyalty and rewards
  • Visitors can enjoy the convenience of using a single device instead of cash, entrance tickets and tokens: from getting through the gates to buying food and drinks, everything is possible with just a tap of their wrist or finger

Advantages of SCOne payment wearables for event organizers:

  • Enabling smarter event management
    Improving customers’ overall experience and impression of the event

» Access control

Portability, security, convenience and customizable designs are crucial in the world of access control, whether for private companies or for a large audience access such as stadium entry.


» Public transport

Contactless wearables with SCOne chip-modules inside make ticketing simpler and more convenient by removing cash and paper tickets.

As people become increasingly familiar with contactless payment, SCOne contactless wearables used for public transport can intuitively meet the needs of people on the go.

Contactless wearables are easily customisable to feature the logo of the transport operator or the city emblem, so the SCOne wearables portfolio is well suited to support transport operators in their digital and wearable transformation.


» Combined use cases

No matter if you intend to pay for food, magazines, public transport, or even to access a specific controlled place, using a contactless SCOne wearable to do this is simple. Thanks to the Microtech SCOne operating system and its complete range of contactless applications, it can help you address different use cases with a single wearable device.

SCOne payment wearables personalization

  • Standard EMV CPS personalization
  • Payment wearables personalization process is the same as for banking cards
  • Easy migration
  • Support of major personalization software providers

What does a personalisation bureau need?

  • Equipment for contactless personalization (contactless reader)
  • To develop and install the personalization script

Microtech provides all necessary documentation and support for installing personalization scripts.

Tokenization – new approach to wearables issuance

Tokenization is an easy process of linking the wearable to the banking card allowed to provide payment functionality to different devices.

VegaPay allows not only to issue payment card tokens and load them onto a device, but also to provide a customer access to various non-banking services, offered for both contactless wearables and through VegaPay mobile app.

VegaPay wearables portfolio offers a wide range of smart accessories – rings, wristbands, keyfobs – these devices are meant to erase the border between fashion and technology.