Instant Issuance

The card is issued and activated on the spot, consumers can leave the branch with a ready-to-use card just after opening an account.

Microtech Instant issuance

  • Cards issuing instantly (new card, replacement)
  • Card activation
  • All payment cards: prepaid, credit, debit cards, other schemes, gift cards, student payment cards, loyalty cards, fuel cards
  • All technologies: magnetic stripe, EMV contact, dual interface and wearables
  • PIN: own setup

Key benefits for financial institutions

Personalized card in a few minutes is not only a key differentiator, it is also a card metric boost and generate revenue, as customer will activate and use their card in the hour coming.

  • Increase cards activation rates
  • Match consumer expectation and builds consumer confidence
  • New possibility to attract clients
  • Increases the number of purchase transactions
  • Reduces cost of card delivery and reissuance
  • Easy to expand
  • Increases security. The solution decrease fraud from stolen mails, pin mail and unauthorized card used.

Key advantages

  • Suitable for any media (smart card, USB-token, NFC-device, ring, keyfob)
  • Adaptive for small or big emission compatible with various hardware (desktop embossers, industrial personalization machines)
  • Compliant with payment schemes requirements modular architecture for easy integration with existing systems