EMV Chip-modules

Microtech offers highly secure chip-modules with dual and contact interfaces, created on the basis of the up-to-date platforms of the world leading companies supplying semiconductor solutions.

EMV chip-modules SCOne

Miorotech is a developer of native card operating system for payment and ID solutions as well as other non-financial services based on hardware from leading chip-vendors, certified in VISA, Mastercard and China UnionPay along with additional applications.
Since their first release in 2013, SCOne EMV products have achieved strong positions in the world market with more than 100 banks issued more than 100M cards in the field.

Main advantages

  • Native operating system – fast and effective solution
  • High transactions speed achieved by using state-of the-art advanced hardware from leading chip suppliers (Infineon and Samsung)
  • Standard EMV CPS personalization – easy migration, support of major personalization software providers
  • Small 6-pin DI module – fits in with any card design
  • High performance in mass transit application
  • Global Platform compatible with multi instance support

Additional services

The card operating system SCOne is not just a certified solution for payment cards and wearables, but also a universal platform for various non-financial services.

  • Digital signature
  • Contactless smart ticket solution
  • DPFS – multipurpose solution designed for new application and integrating new chip-module
  • Possibility for realization several instances of financial application
  • Transport application
  • Global pin technology support

Multifunctional cards

Additional SCOne-based applications designed by KAYSSA specialists allow various customized non-financial services to be enabled on the banking cards and wearables. In particular, KAYSSA has already implemented the following projects:

  • Social cards
  • Transport cards
  • Loyalty cards (including fuel cards)
  • Campus cards
  • Corporate cards

Innovative form factors

Along with the standard plastic cards, SCOne payment solutions can be achieved with the help of innovative form factors such as payment wristbands, key fobs and rings, having the same functional capabilities as of a classic contactless bank card.

SCOne on the international market

Microtech has been promoting international relations by learning features and trends of payment industry worldwide and creating products targeted to each region individual demands.

Personalization support

Microtech provides the support of SCOne product personalization with the top vendors of payment software solution