Microtech Campus light is a University highly secured access control system enabling strong authentication of students, attendance monitoring and administration support.


  • Strong access control system with students and staff attendance monitoring
  • Security and identification, mobile and dynamic checking to avoid non students to access university compound
  • Administration support with the automatic statistics and analysis report
  • Fingerprint authentication (optional)

Available data and statistics

  • Automatic statistics and analysis report
  • Entry time per day
  • Hourly volume of weekly presence
  • E-mail alert to the manager or the parents (optional)
  • Possibility to interface with the timetable

Fingerprint authentication

  • Compliant with personal data privacy laws and regulations
  • High security: nobody will use the SCOne student card in case of loss
  • Less fraud
  • User-friendly

Advantages for University

» High security

  • Strong card security based on cryptography DES/3DES
  • Safe KAYSSA mobile app for security officer
  • Full control of issued cards (include blocking, access privileges etc.)
  • Possibility to limit access to some information by setting PIN
  • Fingerprint authentication (optional)

» Easy to implement and use

  • Fast card issuance
  • Easy verification procedure (just tap the campus card to the NFC device of a security officer)
  • Easy data acquisition

» Additional functionality

  • Students and staff attendance monitoring
  • Automatic statistics and analysis reports
    Could be used in integration with other services in campus (canteen, study performance etc.)
  • Fingerprint authentication (optional)

» Financial benefits

  • Competitive price
  • No need to buy and install expensive equipment
  • Improving the prestige of the educational institution