Welcome to Microtech Integrated Systems Services Inc.

Microtech provides card solution services, software development as well as the EMV card platform SCOne that comes with payment, ID and non-financial applications.


Miorotech provides card solution services, software development as well as the EMV card platform, SCOne by KAYSSA, that comes with payment, ID and non-financial applications.


Bank Card

Microtech Company carries out production and personalization of all types of bank cards of VISA, Mastercard, China UnionPay, MIR, JCB payment schemes.

EMV Chip-modules

Microtech offers highly secure chip-modules with dual and contact interfaces, created on the basis of the up-to-date platforms of the world leading companies supplying semiconductor solutions.

Payment Wristbands

Integration of the contactless payments and digital services in one handy device.

Payment Rings

Innovative payment solution in a jewel with the capabilities of a contactless bank card.

LED Cards

Unique cards containing LEDs which light up when payment is made via a contactless-capable terminal.

Metal Cards

Premium segment client product.


New-generation card operating system integrated by Microtech in accordance with the latest requirements of payment industry, with certified Visa and Mastercard payment applications.


Microtech offers a full range of payment and identification solutions when using bank cards and payment accessories

Instant Issuance

A card personalization solution that allows the on-demand printing of any financial card (debit, credit, ATM), any technology (dual, contact and contactless), offering ready-to-use cards to your customers in minutes.


A complex system for smart cards personalization and EMV applications management.


Microtech Company offers all types of ID cards for complex governmental and corporate project implementation.

Social ID

ID cards created for rendering social and state services.


Campus cards provide students, teachers and management access to information, support, administrative and payment services within an education institution.


Tokenization service implies creating a virtual card of any bank card. VegaPay allows to issue payment card token and load it onto any accessory available at VegaPay website.

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